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Kirstin & Callum || 07.10.20

Welcome back to the Vine & Branches blog!

This month, we're wishing Kirstin and Callum a happy ONE MONTH wedding anniversary!

Okay, maybe David didn't really mean that, BUT WE DO!

First thing's first about this couple, Kirstin and Callum are SO SWEET. I mean, all my couples are sweet. I've been really blessed to have worked with such great people. And, in this midst of COVID, I'm even more grateful to work with such wonderful couples.

BUT, these two: so sweet. And SO easy to work with.

The ceremony was SO hot (like, really hot, y'all), but it was still so beautiful. I know rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, but a sunshiney day just seems like a better deal to me. ☀️

I obviously cannot talk about this ceremony without mentioning the cutest member of the wedding party...

Ten23 Photography


Look. at his. TUXEDO.

Not only was Bentley the most adorable Pup of Honor, but I think he actually might have been even more excited at his first look with Kirstin than Callum was.

It's hard to choose which reaction was the sweetest:

But, back to the couple...

I do a lot of weddings and hear a lot of officiants. Some of their words just stick with me a little more than others'.

I loved what the priest at Kirstin's and Callum's wedding had to say about family and friends:

This wedding is a celebration of love; not only of joining two people together in a new love, but also a celebration of love among family and friends. Kirstin and Callum would like to emphasize the love within the family today, for it is within the family that they first learned to love, to share joy with others, to develop caring relationships, and to extend friendship to those outside of the family.

Ten23 Photography

Now I know I keep talking about how sweet this couple and this ceremony were, but make no mistake...

The party was POPPIN'

They danced literally all night and the reception was SO FUN.

Plus, they had a photo booth *insert shameless plug here*.

I just had to include more fam photos with Bentley because I'm obsessed with him.

Check out more of the McBeath wedding? Check out the full highlight video down below:

Vendor list:

Photography: Ten23 Photography

DJ: Brett Martin @ Southern Style Entertainment

Thanks for joining us on the Vine & Branches journey!

Want any specific insight into the beautiful weddings we shoot? E-mail us and let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

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